Ideal Angle Raised Feeding Stand for Small Dogs

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Raised-Dog-Food-FeederTrying to find ways to help my older small dog avoid joint problems led me to this marvelous feeding station. It has the ideal angle to help him eat without causing any pressure on his aging joints. He and I are both thrilled.

The Problem and the Solution

My small dog is a Yorkie and yes, he is a treasured pet. As he got older, I began to learn how those aging joints could really cause him problems. I wanted to avoid this. One of the things I learned was that a raised feeding bowl could help. Then I discovered the Choco & Cherry angled feeding station. Not only a way to help prevent putting extra pressure on joints, but also a way to help dogs with joint problems eat more comfortably.

Angled Raised Feeding Stand

Choco & Cherry Raised Feeder

Choco & Cherry Raised Feeder 

I’m not the only person I know with a beloved small dog. In fact, I learned about the angled raised feeding stand from a friend who uses two for her own pair of Maltese dogs. We all couldn’t be more pleased.

This feeding stand is simple, yet stylish. Available in 3 colors, chocolate, orange and white, it can work for just about any home decor. The big paw print bowl is ceramic and so easy to wash. Besides, I think it’s adorable for my little guy.

I was very pleased with the quality of this feeding stand and without the high price tag. That’s a big advantage when you are on a budget or have multiple dogs you want to feed this way. Get your own Choco & Cherry Raised Feeder and see for yourself.


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About the Author: A long time pet lover who has turned that love into saving animals. Director of the BuckHawk Center Animal Rescue, I have worked with all sorts of pets for many years, learning the best for each, not just in the care and feeding but also in the ways to enrich the lives of all the animals that have crossed my care. .


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  1. Mandee says:

    I do have an old dachshund that has some troubles with her joints. I bet a feeding stand like this would help her out! I will put it on my list! Thanks for the recommendation!

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