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Calming treats for dogsIf you have a dog like I do, you may be looking for ways to help calm him or her. During thunderstorms, firecrackers, even when delivery trucks arrive, my girl goes into panic. I found calming treats for dogs to be my best bet. Here is how this helped for both of us.

The Stressful Situations

My girl is a medium sized dog of a mix of breeds. She’s a rescue, so there’s no way of knowing her background. What I know is that she is a confused and nervous girl at some times. Not all the time.

Thunder or any loud noises that continue more than just one instance can get her started. Strangers also cause her stress. The best I can tell is that she has some inborn need to protect her family. But she is very afraid of strangers. This leads to stress-barking when visitors arrive. So my dog has extra need for calming treats.

How Calming Treats Helped My Dog

I had read about calming treats for dogs and decided it was worth trying them. And, yes, they calmed her down. I’ve tried many different brands and found most of them to be very similar and able to help in much the same way. The brands that I feature here are all the ones that worked for my dog.

What I discovered was that I needed a few extra treats for her, if I didn’t catch her stress in the very early stages. Letting her get too stressed meant it took more to calm her down. At the first rumbles of thunder, she gets her treat. When a visitor is due, I give her the treat before they arrive. That has meant success for us.

Read Instructions and Treat Your Dog Right

I can’t stress enough that you read the instructions for any treats you will be giving your dog. The treats are designed for different sized dogs, usually by weight. The ingredients are balanced for the weight of the dog. I highly recommend that you choose the right size for your own dog. Don’t try to break apart treats for smaller dogs or double up on doses for larger dogs. With any treats you want to make sure you are feeding your dog healthily.

Calming treats for dogs will have a limited effective time. Keep aware of this time so that you can give an additional treat as needed. Reading instructions is important no matter what brand you choose.

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  1. Mandee says:

    What a great idea! I did not know they had treats to help calm dogs. My little guy gets antsy and nervous during storms too. This will be a great option for him!

  2. Cynthia says:

    I had no idea these types of treats were on the market! I can well imagine they would be fabulous to have around for the holidays when there are so many deliveries, guests, etc.

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