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Cat-Food-and-Water-BowlsCat lovers truly love their cats. So why not give them specially designed cat food and water bowls? That’s what I like, special items just for my feline friends. Each one having their own set of bowls makes it even more special.

Only Feline Designs

OK, I will admit I am an animal fanatic. My cats are very special to me. They each deserve those delightful things that are designed just for them. I don’t want to give my darling kitties bowls for their food and water that are designed for any kind of pet or for dogs. They should have their own cat designs.

Yes, I know they can’t tell the difference, but I can. That’s important, too. Feeding time with my darling cats is a time that we both relish. Of course, I’m careful to make sure they only get healthy food for cats and not the dangerous human foods.

Favorite Cat Food and Water Bowls

These are some of my favorite bowls. For one of my cats, I use a raised set of bowls on a stand. He needs that extra height because he’s pretty big. My darling little lady cat has her food set on a table top, so her cat food and water bowls are matching ones that don’t have a stand. Either way, your own darling will enjoy meal times with special bowls just designed for cats.

Designs to Match Most Decor

Wouldn’t you know, the makers of cat food and water bowls create designs that can work with just about any decor. Whether it’s your kitchen that you feed you cat in, or some other room, the styles are easily able to match your decor. Color choices are numerous as well. So you can pick your own favorite color. My own cats have different colors, then there seems to be no way to mix up special foods that they may require for their diet.

You may prefer different designs than I have chosen. Quite understandable. Take a look at cat  bowls to see plenty more choices. Find the perfect bowls just for your own cat.

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  1. Mandee says:

    What cute cat bowls! I don’t have any cats (at the moment) but we take our dog dishes seriously around here so I completely understand your wanting cute cat water and food dishes!

  2. Cynthia says:

    What adorable cat bowls! My grandkitties need these for Christmas!

  3. Barb says:

    LOL, I saw the comment about grandkitties. I have lots of those! What a fun idea for Christmas.

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