Challenging Treat-Dispensing Toys for Dogs

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Challenging-Dog-Treat-DispeGiving treats to your dog can be more interesting for him or her with treat-dispensing toy that presents a challenge. Great puzzle toys keep your pet working and thinking to figure out how to get the treat hidden in these ingenious toys.

Enrichment for Your Dog

Not all of us can spend huge amounts of time entertaining and challenging our dogs. When we have to be away, we can give our pets something to keep them busy, challenged and most of all happy. Ways to keep our dogs occupied when we can’t spend time with them is something we all look for. None of us want our beloved pets to be bored. But we always want to make sure our dogs get the proper nutrition even with treats.

Most Challenging Toys

Some of the treat-dispensing toys I have used for my own dogs and those that have come through our animal rescue center are more challenging in the way the dog must move parts around to get to the treats. Our smartest dogs can figure these out and remember how to get the treats the next time. I solve that by mixing them up. They never know which toy I will give them next.

 Kyjen Dog Games Paw Hide Treat Toy Ourpets DT-10504 Smarter Toys IQ Treat Ball , 5 Inches , Colors may vary Ethical Pet Seek-A-Treat Shuffle Bone Dog Puzzle

For those dogs who aren’t quite as brainy, they can spend a good amount of playtime and energy working out how to get the treats. I can tell every one of the dogs is so excited to get their treat toy. It doesn’t matter to them how long it takes them to get their treat. Each dog loves to get a treat toy, challenging or not.

Sized for Different Breeds

Of course, if you have a large breed dog, you want a large toy that has plenty of room for bigger treats. And small dogs need treat-dispensing toys that they can actually work, so sized for them. Most of the treat toys available are made in various sizes to match the needs of different-size breeds.

Be sure to have several different types and styles of treat toys for your dog. You will want to change them often or present more than one when you have to be away for longer periods during the day. Find lots of different choices at dog treat toys including more puzzle-style ones.

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  1. Barb says:

    What an ingenious idea! Sometimes I’m just plain busy and don’t have the time to give my dogs the kind of attention and stimulation they want. It’s worried me. But this idea sounds like a great way to give them something interesting to do and keep them stimulated.

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