Dog Clothes: Functional More Than Fashion

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Dog clothesMost of us think of dog clothes as fashion only. But, there is a better reason to dress your dog. I have one of those “special needs” dogs. Here is my story about choosing and using dog clothes for function. It turns out to have been one of the best decisions I made. By accident, yes. Still a great decision.

The Story of a Special Needs Dog

My guy is little. He’s a Yorkshire Terrier. One who came from a puppy mill. His special needs turned out to be a real problem.

It took me awhile, but with research I finally discovered what was wrong with him. This little Yorkie was bred down too fast. The desire to have smaller, darling dogs caused the puppy mill to breed the smallest of each litter to each other. The problem becomes some parts of dog body take several generations to shrink in size, while others only need one generation. The skull shrinks faster than the brain.

This left my little guy with a condition referred to as Neck Scratcher’s Disease. His brain is literally outside of his skull. For him it’s only on his right side. That’s the side he just scratches almost continually. The scratching resulted in seizures. Extreme ones. Ones that could leave him paralyzed, even dead.

How Dog Clothes Helped

Originally, I decided to get him a warm shirt. The winter was exceptionally cold, and he shivered. Getting him dog clothes just seemed like a good idea. Keep him warmer. The end result was much more than that.

The scratching calmed down incredibly! That wasn’t what I expected. But that’s what I got. As to why dog clothes worked, I can only speculate. The dog clothes kept him warmer, true. Although, that’s can’t be it. He scratched as much in the warm weather as the cold. It’s my belief that there is just enough pressure to calm his brain.

What I also discovered was that it was the dog clothes brand of Zack & Zoey that made the most difference. Some how the construction around the neck was just right for him. I don’t know how. I just know this brand of dog clothes  worked.

So I am recommending Zack & Zoey dog clothes. To keep your dog warm, take care of special needs and make a fashion statement. My little guy does look darling in his dog clothes.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    It has been so cold lately, I think all doggies need an extra coat or two! I know Merlin would appreciate one. He hates the ice on his back.

  2. Mandee says:

    Your little guy sounds like a survivor! So glad the dog clothes helped him with the scratching! I am so tempted to get something for my Borkie as this winter has been ridiculously cold!

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