Healthy Cat Treats for Pet Time

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Healthy-Cat-TreatsAdmit it, your cat is a very special pet who deserves the best. Healthy cat treats to give your pet just because you love him or her is the best, we all agree to that. But what are good ones? That’s what we will explore here.

Treating Cats with Love

Whether your cat knows he or she is the head of the household, in other words a king or queen, or not, you can still treat your cat with the kind of love they deserve. The cats in my home all know how much they are considered special and loved. And giving them treats just because is one of my favorite things to do.

Of course, I don’t want to spoil them. Yes, that was a joke. How can you spoil a cat? They already know they are special. But, I do want to make that what I give them is good nutrition for them. Even if they don’t care.

I’m also careful to keep a record of the brands that I use. Just in case something happens, I want my vet to know what they have been eating. And that includes the brand of treats I give them.

Healthy Cat Treats

My cats only get healthy treats. That’s another way that I show I love them. I want them sharing my life with me for a long time to come. I want them to never suffer from the problems that poor nutrition can cause. Especially as they age. So healthy treats are a must.

 Feline Greenies 3oz Bag Beef PureBites Chicken Breast Cat Treats, 0.60-Ounce Zuke’s Natural Purrz Cat Treats, Salmon, 3-Ounce

I look for treats that I can trust are the kind that will be good for them, not interfere with their meal time appetite, yet the kind of goodies that they will love. Reassuring them they are spoiled is important.

Finicky Eaters

One of my cats is rather particular about what she will put in her mouth. The other one will eat anything, literally. But my picky eater has her special favorites. She prefers anything chicken, but will accept a fish treat once in a while. For her, I keep plenty of her beloved chicken bites around.

If you have a finicky eater, start with the smaller packages until you find the kind she loves. Then you won’t end up with wasted treats around. It wasn’t a big problem for me because I could give the other treats to my non-picky eater. For those with only one cat or with multiple picky ones, the smaller packages will save you money in the long run.

Plenty of Choices for Healthy Cat Treats

The number of different types of cat treats that are healthy is pretty large. You can chose from this wide variety by checking out cat treats. Makers of treats have many different recipes, so one chicken variety might not please your cat, but another variety may be just right one.

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  1. Mandee says:

    I don’t have any cats right now but our last one certainly did rule the roost! He got only healthy treats from us, though he found his own treats prowling around outside too!

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