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Sharpei-in-BowlWe all love our pets, no matter what type of animal they are. Dogs, cats, birds, even rabbits need a good healthy diet to keep them in top shape. Just as we humans need to eat right, so do our pets.

Meal Times

Proper nutrition for meals is one of those things that we hear lots about. But, it’s definitely true. Always make sure that the food you give your pets at meal time is the right kind for them. Make sure it has the right nutritional levels for all their needs. Remember, they get their energy from that food along with the nutrients that keep their coat or feathers healthy and keep their bodies strong.

Treat Times

We often think of treat time as just for fun. But, watch out! Treats can interfere with our pets’ appetites. Too many treats and they aren’t hungry for their meals.

The wrong kind of treats can cause nutrients in their food to not be absorbed by their bodies. Just as we do, our pets require the right balance of vitamins and minerals.

Reward Your Pets with Good Nutrition

Rewarding your pets just because they are delightful and charming additions to your family is certainly great. Just make sure the treats and food you chose are appropriate for each animal’s needs. Then you are sure you have good nutrition going into they bodies.

Human leftovers are a bad choice for any pet. The spices and extras that we put into our own food can have bad effects on our pets. With the exception of fresh fruits and vegetables for some pets, people food makes a bad choice for pets.

So go ahead and show your love for your pet with a healthy diet and nutritious feeding and treat times.

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About the Author: A long time pet lover who has turned that love into saving animals. Director of the BuckHawk Center Animal Rescue, I have worked with all sorts of pets for many years, learning the best for each, not just in the care and feeding but also in the ways to enrich the lives of all the animals that have crossed my care. .


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