Pet Bird Pinata Treat and Shredding Toys

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Pet-Bird-Treat-PinataOur pet birds seem to be always in need of activities, and where treats are involved that’s even more fun. Try a bird pinata to keep your feathered pet entertained. Along with providing healthy treats, they also provide hours of activity.

Pinata Treats for Pet Birds

Birds use their beaks to shred away the outer skins and shells to get to the food they want. A bird pinata should be safe for your pet. These are made from safe materials with no dyes or glue to harm the birds. Watch your pet bird enjoy shredding the outside of any one of these pinatas.

Bird Pinatas Designed for Medium to Large Birds

These particular pinatas are designed to be large enough for the larger birds from Parrots and Cockatoos to Macaws. But smaller birds will also enjoy these. My Cockatiel enjoyed his and one reviewer described her love bird as enjoying it as well.

The treats are made from dried fruits and nuts so you will have safe treats for your pet bird to enjoy. But, there are also varieties that you can fill yourself. If you have special bird treats that you know yours enjoys and want to be assured of what goes into their food activities, one of the fill-yourself varieties is perfect for you.

Enrichment Activities for Birds

For many of us, our pet birds will spend many hours of the day in their cages. While we go to work, or get other things done, we keep our birds safely tucked in their homes. But, we also like to give them enrichment activities so they don’t get bored. That’s where a pinata hanging in their cage will be a help. Our pet birds will spend many hours pecking at the pinatas and basically shredding them to pieces. Actually, that’s what the pinatas are designed to do.

Many birds will create an opening or hole pretty quickly in the pinata, just to get to the treats inside. But others may full enjoy the shredding activity and eat the treats later. Either way, your pet bird will get lots of activity from just one pinata. Each is inexpensive enough that you can get several. Keep your pet bird happy with some enriching activity.

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  1. Mandee says:

    What a cool idea — pinatas for pet birds! I don’t have one right now, but I sure can see how they would have a blast pecking away to get to the treats!

  2. Cynthia says:

    What awesome toys for pet birds! A very clever treat indeed!

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