Peter’s Woven Grass Toys for Rabbits

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Peters-Woven-Grass-Treats-fPet rabbits need safe toys that they can chew on all they want. Peter’s makes some wonderful toys made from strong woven grass. Rabbits can enjoy playing with them, hiding in them and chewing on them safely.

Enrichment for Pet Rabbits

Those of us who have pet bunnies know that they need lots of stimulation. We need to provide ways to enrich their lives. They need exercise, play time and lots of chew time. Toys for rabbits are plentiful, but we want the best ones to be able keep our pets safe and give them the kind of activity they need.

Peter’s Woven Grass Toys

My pet rabbits all enjoy playing with and hiding in various treats for them. But, I have found that the Peter’s Woven Grass toys are favorites. I can feel safe in giving these to my little cuties. While they do enjoy them for activities, my pets also enjoy chewing on them. I know they are safe to chew on and provide more of the kind of foods that rabbits get in the wild.

 Peter’s Woven Grass Hide-A-Way-Hut Peter’s Woven Grass Play Ball Peter’s Woven Grass Pet Bed

Oh, yes, they do chew the woven grass toys up, but that’s fine. None of the toys is expensive, so I can get replacements easily. Even though they chew up the toys, it takes them a while. Peter’s woven grass toys are made well.

Rabbit Chewing is a Necessity

For rabbits, chewing is important. Their front teeth grow continuously. In order to keep those front teeth under control, rabbits wear them down by chewing. If you provide safe toys and treats for them to chew on, they won’t have the need to chew on their cages or your furniture. For their own health and safety, rabbits need to wear down their teeth.

Other Favorite Rabbit Chews

Of course, there are plenty of choices for rabbits. Peter’s Woven Grass toys has lots more options, including some really cute hide-away toys that are popular with my pets. Choose several to keep your own bunny happy with lots of options for activity.

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  1. Mandee says:

    I had no idea rabbit’s teeth continue to grow! It sure makes sense to give them something to chew on that helps them wear them down. Much better to have them chew on a toy made for that than my furniture!

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