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Petrageous-Pet-Treat-JarsEvery pet deserves a treat now and then. Sometimes just because we love them and sometimes because they do what we want them to do. So why not put those special treats in a special pet treat jar just for them?

Petrageous Designs

One of my favorite makers of pet treat jars is Petrageous Designs. The charm of the styles they make is such fun. These are ceramic pet treat jars so they will hold up to lots of use. That’s an important feature in my world of caring for rescued animals. I use lots and lots of treats for the dogs and cats that come through the BuckHawk Center Animal Rescue. So I need good quality pet treat jars.

Like most of us, I am careful that I fill those treat jars with good nutritious treats. I want my pets to eat healthy.

Favorite Choices for Pet Treat Jars

Petrageous makes some darling designs that can work well with many different decor styles. Or have the fun of choosing a design just because you like the looks of it.

 PetRageous Metro Treat Jar for Pets, 9-Inch PetRageous Vintage Treat Jar for Pets, 9-Inch, Black/Natural Petrageous Designs Sassy Girl 8

The little footprints on the first one to the left is a favorite, just because it so cute. There is no mistake that this is a treat jar just for pets. Then we have a vintage look with the pet treat jar in the middle. Any vintage stylings or theme in your kitchen or other room where you might keep the pet treats would be nicely accented with this jar. If you want to get a little sassy, the third jar on the right makes a great choice.

More Than Just Pet Treat Jars

Petrageous designers have pet owners in mind. They make a wonderful collection of matching food and water bowls, too. So you can have a whole coordinated look for your pet’s needs. To many people that’s a very important feature.

I only featured three of my favorite pet treat jars here, but you can see plenty more options at Petrageous. So go ahead and chose your favorite just for your favorite pet.

Remember too, that pet treat jars can help you keep different kinds of treats separated. I keep separate pet treat jars for different needs. Like lower calorie treats are kept separate from standard treats and training treats get their own pet treat jar. The cat treats are kept separate as well. Since cat treats are not healthy for dogs, we don’t want to make any mistakes.

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  1. Barb says:

    A friend of mine takes care of a couple of stray cats he found living under his office. Just the other day I was wondering what to get him this year for Christmas, and here it is! A treat jar for the kitties.

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